About us


The Citizens Observatory of Democracy is a joint initiative of non-governmental organisations that promote the principles and standards of democracy and the rule of law, respect for and protection of human rights, transparency and accountability of public administration and advocate for a better quality of legislation.

The Citizens Observatory of Democracy keeps track of changes to legislation made by parliament and government administration and the reactions from civil society organisations, legal professionals and citizen groups.

The Citizens Observatory of Democracy publishes reviews, opinions and position papers written by non-governmental organisations and civil society institutions in response to the legislation that affects civil rights and liberties, democratic rule of law and political system and defines the position of public and civil society organisations within the legal system.

The initiative has an open-ended format. We welcome all contributions to our repository including opinion papers and other documents that we have not identified.

The founding group of the Citizens Observatory of Democracy includes:

Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska
ePanstwo Foundation
Panoptykon Foundation
Stefan Batory Foundation
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
INPRIS – Institute for Law and Society
Institute of Public Affairs
Citizens Network Watchdog Poland
Amnesty International Poland
Association for Legal Intervention (SIP)