Draft law on 'transparency' in public life

The bill has been drafted for many months by the co-ordinator of secret services without disclosing the general outline and in violation of the requirement to list the bill in the legislative pipeline. It was published on 24 October 2017, six business days were allowed for consultations and the law is to enter into force on 1 January 2018.

Contrary to earlier announcements, public consultations on draft law have been superficial, illusory and hasty.

English translation of this draft law is not available.

  • Opinion
    Opinion of the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland Association
    We challenge the idea of including the current Act on Access to Public Information into the planned Act. The proposed changes concerning the provision of access to public information could be effectively introduced in the current regulation because the change concerns only several of its provisions.

    Retaining the current Act on Access to Public Information will allow avoiding legal chaos caused by the very extensive practice of applying previous regulations and the related judicature, literature on the subject, and need to relate them correctly to the new legal act.

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    Major challenges regarding the draft law on 'transparency' in public life - communique of the 41 NGOs
    The draft law has enlarged the group of people expected to declare their assets and stipulates that all such declarations, unless submitted by special force officers, will be published online.

    Needless to say, transparency in public life and fight against corruption are important values. However, to publish information about the assets of several thousand people who are not elected or make major decisions that have an impact on citizens seems an excessive, non-proportional and unnecessary strain on privacy.

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