Open letter of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) to the Polish President

We are gravely concerned that the effective dismissal of one third of the Supreme Court, coupled with the broad discretion given to your Excellency’s office to make exceptions, has taken place in contravention of international human rights law and standards, including the right to a fair hearing, and is contrary to basic principles of the rule of law.

The irremovability of judges is a main pillar of judicial independence. Judges may be
removed only in the most exceptional cases involving serious misconduct or incapacity.

The undersigned jurists urge your Excellency to act immediately to restore the
independence of the judiciary by reinstating the Supreme Court justices forced into
retirement, follow the recommendations of the European Commission on judicial
reform, and take action to repeal the law on the Supreme Court that strikes at the
very core of judicial independence.

Ful text of the letter below.